Salary:16/17 £4.62, 18/20yrs £6.56, 21/22yrs £8.36, 23/24yrs £8.91. 
Worktime:Hours within Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, TBC with employer 
Closing date:13/12/2021 

Job Duties:

The employer is: ELEMENTAL SOFTWARE.

Write blogs and case studies for the Elemental website.
Email marketing; writing and proof reading email content.
Build contact lists of potential leads in Health, Housing, VCSE, Local Government, Education and Prisons.
Help with marketing plans, advertising, digital marketing and campaigns.
Daily interaction with social media audiences including creating content (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
Help organise webinars and live events.
Maintain and update customer lists in HubSpot.
Develop relationships with key stakeholders both internally and externally.
Ensure that all staff and partners adhere to branding guidelines.
Content creation for the Elemental website.
Promote internal success, CSR, Elemental usage stats and staff showcase pieces via our website and social media channels.

You will be entitled to annual leave during this job opportunity.

Qualifications / Experience:

No previous experience or minimum qualifications required.

Application Method:

JOBSTART IS OPEN TO 16-24 YEAR OLDS. If you are on UC contact your Work Coach via your Journal. If you are in receipt of JSA, IS or ESA phone a Work Coach on 0300 200 7807. If you are 18-24 years and not in receipt of benefits phone 0300 200 7807.