Salary:16/17 £4.62, 18/20yrs £6.56, 21/22yrs £8.36, 23/24yrs £8.91. 
Worktime:To be confirmed with employer. 
Closing date:27/09/2021 

Job Duties:

The employer is: PROFILETREE.
We are seeking someone who is passionate about creating content and the overall digital landscape. They are detail oriented and strive to continuously develop their work and learn from those around them.
The individual will work with the company team to come up with ideas for unique content creation to showcase their local area – travel and tourism, local live, scenery and more. After these brainstorming ideas the individual will go film and photo the content ideas and then edit up multiple short videos for different platforms.
The jobs will be remote – hence there will not be extensive travel required. All meetings will be held via zoom. While there will be at some stage face to face meetings, where we will travel to the meet and work with the individual. There is no requirement for them to travel to our office in Belfast, unless they would like to.
You will be entitled to annual leave during this job opportunity.

Qualifications / Experience:

Please send a show reel or clips of videos/photos you have created as part of your application to this role.

Knowledge of all things digital content.
Keen eye for detail.
Experience with Adobe Premiere Pro or other video editing software.
Proficiency with basic videography, basic lighting and colour grading.
Excellent time management, organisation and communication skills.

A degree of diploma in video or creative media subject.

Application Method:

JOBSTART IS OPEN TO 16-24 YEAR OLDS. If you are on UC contact your Work Coach via your Journal. If you are in receipt of JSA, IS or ESA phone a Work Coach on 0300 200 7807. If you are 18-24 years and not in receipt of benefits phone 0300 200 7807.

Other Information:

The employer is: PROFILETREE.
Although this is a part-time temporary opportunity hours may be extended and it could lead to a permanent position. The job advert may end before the closing date if requested by the employer.